The Best Brake Shoes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Bring those drum brakes back to life with a good set of shoes.

byHank O'Hop, Noelle Talmon| UPDATED Oct 6, 2021 10:04 AM
The Best Brake Shoes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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BYHank O'Hop, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON October 6, 2021

From the 1960s to the 1980s, discs gradually replaced drums on the front of vehicles. As time advanced, disc setups eventually took the place of rear brakes. These days it's a challenge to find a car with drum brakes being used for anything other than the parking brake. But the truth is that not everyone is driving a brand-new vehicle. Plenty of people motor around with drums out back, and if you’re old-school, you’ve probably got them on all four corners.

Long story short, drum brakes are still relevant. So if you’re going to start fixing your car or are considering making a profession of it, you want to familiarize yourself with them. We provide a little guidance on the topic and offer up some suggestions on what we believe to be the best brake shoes on the market.

Best Overall
Raybestos Element3 Professional Grade Drum Brake Shoe Set

Raybestos Element3 Professional Grade Drum Brake Shoe Set


Service-level brake shoe set that offers better performance over stock. The design incorporates a semi-metallic/ceramic compound to improve performance while retaining a very competitive price point.

  • Competitive price point
  • Exceptional quality 
  • Semi-metallic/ceramic compound for improved performance and comfort
  • Does not include hardware
Best Value

Wagner Quick Stop Rear Brake Shoe Set


An affordable set of brake shoes that still offers the quality and performance your vehicle relies on. Despite the low price, the use of premium friction material and hardware are present.

  • Great price point 
  • High-quality construction 
  • Ceramic compound for improved performance and comfort
  • Does not include hardware
Honorable Mention

 Power Stop Replacement Rear Brake Kit


An all-in-one kit that makes it possible to completely service a drum brake system. The use of premium materials and ceramic friction compounds also work to improve braking performance with no sacrifice to comfort.

  • Includes everything needed to service drum brakes
  • Offers better performance than stock
  • Exceptionally high price point

Benefits of Brake Shoes

  • Bring the vehicle to a stop. Brake shoes and pads work to achieve the same goal. And though one may do it better than the other, either is responsible for bringing your vehicle to a stop. They also both work to do so by applying friction to a given surface. That means that shoes and pads wear down, and you need to replace them every so often to preserve braking capabilities.
  • Keep the vehicle in place. Even on a modern vehicle, brake shoes are still put to work. The parking brake assembly uses this type of braking system to keep the vehicle in place. Sure, those with a manual gearbox lean on them far more than folks with an automatic, but they still serve the same purpose on any vehicle.
  • Affordable. If there’s anything to love about drum brakes, it’s the low maintenance costs. Brake shoes are generally more affordable than pads. That, in combination with the fact that they work just as well as many factory disc brake setups available to certain platforms, is why many opt to stick with drums.

Types of Brake Shoes

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Drum Brake Shoes

There are different types of drum braking setups. Leading/trailing, duo servo, and twin leading setups are all different drum brakes and all three feature different shoe types. But for the sake of simplicity, we'll lump them all together under the category of drum brake shoes. These are what bring the vehicle to a stop under usual driving conditions. And while it does come in handy to understand the various types of shoes, a year makes model search, and the brakes' location on the vehicle will almost always be all you need to make sure you get the right brake shoes.

Parking Brake Shoes

Even if you have disc brakes on all four corners, you probably still have drums on the rear of the car. Most parking brakes feature a Drum-in-Hat design with the rear rotor double as a disc and drum brake system. The disc is responsible for slowing the car as you press the pedal. At the same time, the drum is an independent system that works with a mechanical lever in emergencies or for parking. The primary difference between the shoes in a drum-in-hat system and those that exist in a primary braking system is that they are much smaller. We should also note that with an actual drum brake system, your rear brakes work as both the primary brake and the parking brake.

Top Brands

AC Delco

AC Delco has a history that dates back to the late-19th century. The company works out of Grand Blanc, Michigan, and is a known OE replacement parts supplier. The level of experience directly links to the parts' quality, which is precisely why we're proud to feature offerings such as the ACDelco 17960BF1 Professional Rear Drum Brake Shoe on our list. 


Here we have another company that's been in business since the 1800s. Bosch's brand is a staple of quality replacement parts, which might not be a surprise considering its headquarters is in Gerlingen, Germany. The Bosch BS589 Blue Drum Brake Shoe Set is a single example of the quality this company brings to the table.


Raybestos might not be as old as some others, but the company is far from green, considering it started back in 1909. The brand works out of McHenry, Illinois, and is a go-to brake parts supplier for street-driven vehicle owners. The  Raybestos Element3 Professional Grade Drum Brake Shoe Set is a fine example of why that is. 

Power Stop

Power Stop didn't step onto the scene until 1997. However, with the short amount of time in the industry, they've become a renowned supplier of performance brake parts. The company answers to the call of any kind of specialty driving. The Power Stop Replacement Rear Brake Kit quality is precisely what you can expect regardless of your application. 


You probably guessed that Wagner is yet another long-standing supplier of brake parts. The company works out of Southfield, Michigan, and has been hard at work since 1891. That said, it's hard to put together a list of good brake parts without including offerings such as the Wagner Quick Stop Brake Shoes

Brake Shoe Pricing

  • $15-$20: Most service-level shoes will run for prices somewhere in this price range. Even premium brands typically sell brake shoes for street-driven vehicles in this affordable price range.
  • $20-$50: Stepping up to shoes that feature ceramic or semi-metallic friction materials will increase the price somewhere in this price range.
  • $50 and up: Shoes rarely go for more than $50 unless you purchase a comprehensive service kit that includes multiple sets or other brake system components.

Key Features

Friction Material 

Just like with disc brakes, you have a choice of friction materials to select between. And just like with disc brakes, the same principles apply. Organic shoes offer the quietest ride, semi-metallic shoes provide the best performance, while ceramic shoes land right in the middle. What works best depends on the type of driving you to do and what friction material best matches it. 

Application Compatibility

For the most part, a simple year makes model search combined with picking the shoes for the proper location on the car is enough to get you where you need to be. However, some applications, old ones, in particular, can require you to jump through a few hoops. Even with a comprehensive search, you may come up with multiple options. Details like the brake drum size are essential to your selection. That said, you might run into the situation where you need to take these measurements to ensure you purchase the correct shoes.

Other Considerations

  • Inclusion of Hardware Kit. Springs, pins, and adjusters aid brake shoes' operation and mounting. And just like the shoes, those bits of hardware wear out. While not always necessary, it's worth performing a complete service by replacing the hardware along with the shoes. That said, you need to purchase the appropriate hardware, which may or may not be included in the shoe set you purchase. 

Best Brake Shoes Reviews & Recommendations 2021

If you're looking for a quality, service-level shoe that's attached to a competitive price point, the Raybestos 919PG Professional Grade Drum Brake Shoe Set is tough to beat. This is an option for street-driven passenger cars and trucks. And while quality and reliability are excellent, the friction material is the real reason to consider these brake shoes. They rely on a blend of a ceramic and a semi-metallic compound that offers the best combination of performance and comfort you could expect from your brake shoes. And while this particular option is compatible with select Chrysler and Nissan vehicles, you'd be hard-pressed to find a passenger car with drum brakes that this line is not available to.

There's nothing particularly bad about these brake shoes, but information regarding what the set includes is mixed. If you're buying them, you should know that these are just the shoes, and you need to purchase the hardware separately.

Brake shoes are relatively inexpensive, but if you're looking to save a few dollars, this is the way to go. Don't let the low price fool you though, these are every bit as reliable as any other option out there. The quick-stop series relies on premium materials and quality construction to provide a smooth, vibration-free braking experience. That said, the friction material is Wagner's ceramic Zero-Copper formulation that provides the perfect blend of performance and comfort. We should note that the pins and levers are also top-shelf quality to meet or exceed the OE specs.

It's essential not to be misled by the inclusion of select hardware. The inclusion of hardware does not mean the spring kit is included, as it will need to be purchased separately. While maybe not a drawback, it's something to be aware of during your purchase.

Often you need to replace more than just the shoes, and chances are the drums and springs are ready for service simultaneously. Not having to chase down all the individual parts and boost braking performance over stock makes this set desirable to many. The kit's shoes feature a ceramic friction material that works to increase performance while keeping sound and brake dust at a minimum. The set also includes stainless steel hardware, all the springs you'll need, and of course, the brake drums. A kit like this is for the front or rear of the vehicle, but it truly is everything you'll need to service either end. 

Since it's a premium option, you can expect the price to be relatively high. But it's not just high because it includes a comprehensive list of parts. Pound for pound, this is a more costly option than assembling all the pieces from another manufacturer. 

If you're rocking a newer vehicle, this is probably one of the only options that will work. This set of shoes is designed to replace the factory parking brake shoes that exist beneath the rear rotors. As with all brake shoes, you'll need to search for the part number that matches your application. As for the details, this is another entry from Raybestos, so the friction material is a semi-metallic and ceramic blend compound. This material works to provide as much braking power as possible while keeping dust and vibrations low.

The only real problem with this option is that the clips don't match the OE ones that well. The quality is not as good, and the sizing is slightly off. It's not enough to render the shoes useless, but it certainly something to be aware of.

If there's anything to know about AC Delco, it's the fact that it produces high-quality parts that meet as well as exceed OE standards. That's enough to get most to use the brand exclusively whenever they service a vehicle. As for these shoes, they are premium quality. Every detail from the manufacturing to the materials are just as good, if not better, than what you currently have on your car or truck. They also feature a non-directional design to provide consistent braking power and precise machining, friction material, thickness, and boding to keep chatter and lockup at a minimum.

As good as the shoes are, there's no getting around the high price. Yes, maintaining OE standards and specs is essential to many, but paying twice as much as you would for a shoe with good quality is sure to steer many away.

And we're wrapping up our list with a heavy hitter from a German company, Bosch. Don't worry. Just because these come from the countrymen that set the standard of quality doesn't mean the price is through the roof. These shoes are priced right in line with many affordable options on the market. They do still stand out on account of a few secret ingredients with that in mind. The asbestos-free friction material, 100 percent steel construction of components, and a rust inhibitive coating work to ensure these shoes provide the safest experience for the longest time.

This is a great all-around product, but it's not perfect. The most important thing to consider is the information regarding the fit. Far too many users report the shoes not fitting the application they claim to, which you need to read into if you intend to use them.


  • While you are servicing the brake pads and rotors on the rear of your vehicle, it’s worth taking the time to inspect the shoes of the parking brake assembly. How long these brake shoes last does depend on how often you use your parking brake, but you should always take the time to make sure they are sound enough for use over the next 50,000 miles or so until you need to replace the rear pads again. 
  • While it may be tempting to skip, it’s worth replacing the hardware every time you return the shoes. Even if a spring or pin seems to be in ok condition, it’s good practice to replace it anyway. Otherwise, you run the risk of having those parts fail on you at the worst moment possible. 
  • Servicing brake drums goes beyond replacing the main components and hardware. More often than not, drum brakes have an automatic adjuster to compensate for the wear of the shoes. During replacement of the shoes and drum, you’ll likely need to set the adjuster to the appropriate setting to prevent excessive wear.


Q: Are ceramic or metallic brake pads better?

That depends on the driving conditions you subject the vehicle to. Metallic pads and shoes generally offer the best performance and are a clear choice for track conditions. However, the quiet nature of ceramic pads or shoes and their good performance characteristics make them an excellent choice for a blend of performance and street driving.

Q: How do you check the condition of your brake discs and pads?

You can usually get a good look at brake discs and pads without having to tear the vehicle apart as the rotor's surface is exposed. Any signs of abnormal wear on the rotor's surface is a clear indicator that it's time for a service. Drum brakes are a sealed system, though, meaning you need to take them apart for a visual inspection. However, odd signs and insufficient braking power are other signs that the shoes need to be replaced.

Q: How long do brake pads last?

We cover this topic in-depth in our piece How Long do Brake Pads Last. But in most instances, under normal driving conditions, both brake drums and brake shoes should last you around 50,000 miles before needing service.

Final Thoughts

Again, our top pick goes to the Raybestos Element3 Professional Grade Drum Brake Shoe Set. We feel that the price combined with the quality and performance is very hard to beat for a daily-driver. But we can’t argue with those who prefer the Wagner Quick Stop Rear Brake Shoe Set cost. But that’s just our take on the matter. What shoes do you use on your vehicle? What materials do you think are the best for it? 

If you’re looking to learn more about brake systems, we encourage you to read the complimentary passages mentioned throughout this review. Consider diving into our Bike Brake Pads and Brake Caliper Grease coverage.

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