Monday Deals—New Drive Swag, Hot Bargains, and Big Savings from Walmart, RealTruck, RevZilla, and More

We've got a new t-shirt! Come and take yours today.

Come and Take It
The Drive

The Dog Days of summer are upon us, friends. But that's no reason to sleep on all the great deals available for car lovers, motorcyclists, truck fanatics, and driveway mechanics. And of course, loyal readers of the world's best automotive site.

Check out all the great deals below—including $35 savings on an Amazon Echo Auto, which turns any car into a WiFi-connected, music-streaming, call-making machine. If you drive an old car, whether it's a daily beater or a cherry muscle car, Echo Auto for fifteen bucks is definitely an offer you should take advantage of.

The Drive

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Speaking of taking advantage: Headlining today's Deals roundup is our very own "Come and Take It" t-shirt ($25). Maine is de-registering imported Mitsubishi Delicas, and no one’s sure why. Not only is this mystifying action an injustice to Delica-owning Mainers, but also a threat to JDM enthusiasts and importers nationwide. To that we say: Come and take it.

Constructed of Bella and canvas, this soft tee of 100 percent preshrunk cotton will be cozy out of the box, and defiant from the start. You can't afford not to wear one. While you're at it, pick up the matching sticker for just $5. 

You're welcome.


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