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Drab Whip? Chemical Guys Car Wash Supplies Are On Sale for a Limited Time—Plus Deals from Walmart, RevZilla, and More

Save up to 49 percent on auto detailing gear from one of the very best names in the business.

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Hey, how’s that whip lookin’ lately? Shiny and fresh, and ready to impress? Or is it dull and drab, like a dog on a slab of asphalt? If your car, truck, or Jeep is looking like it’s been through the wringer, it’s time to stop screwing around with rags and dishwashing soap. 

Right now through August 11, you can save up to a whopping 49 percent on select Chemical Guys car wash cleaners and accessories at Woot. What a deal! From car washes to microfiber mitts and towels to waxes, polishes, and more, lust-worthy Chemical Guys car wash products are on sale at Amazon affiliate, Woot.

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Famous for one-day clearance blowout deals, Woot does occasionally have limited-time sales—and this is one that car lovers, truck aficionados, and Jeep drivers should jump on. Even motorcyclists and UTVers will find fantastic bargains on top-notch cleaning equipment and supplies from one of the very best names in the auto detailing biz.

Now is the time to stock up on all the car care gear you’ll need to get you through the torturous days of fall and winter, when road salt, tree sap, and everything else Mother Nature has to offer gets thrown at your paint and chrome. With Chemical Guys‘ help, you can fight back and keep your ride lookin’ purdy year-round.

But you’d better hurry. These deals are only available for a few more days—through next Wednesday, August 11. Check out all the great deals on Chemical Guys cleaning and car care products and supplies right here.

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