The Aftermath of This Semi-Truck Blowout Looks Expensive

And the video will make you flinch.

Big trucks have big accidents, even when it’s something as simple as a tire blowout. Of course, when you’re hauling 30-plus tons of whatever, the degree of danger goes up exponentially. If you need proof, just look at this absolutely destroyed dump truck in Ontario that careened into a wall at highway speeds.

The incident was caught on video and uploaded to Twitter by the Ontario Provincial Police. Photos of the aftermath were also included, showing just how much damage can be done by a stray semi.

This blowout could be attributed to a list of potential problems, from improper inflation to debris you just can’t see on the road. It’s important to remember that big rig tires are recommended to hold around 100 psi of air and when you’ve got 10 or more on a single vehicle, things can go wrong in a hurry. Combine that with the massive weight of a Class 8 dump truck and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Miraculously, there were no injuries as a result of the wreck that happened on Queen Elizabeth Way. The truck itself has seen better days, as have the driver’s pants, I’m sure.

As we’ve seen before, this is not an easy mess to clean up. Both front wheels were sheared off in the wreck, leaving the enormous engine and cab to be lifted by a pair of rotator wreckers. Then, there’s cleanup from the gallons upon gallons of oil and coolant. In short, it’s a long process.

Let this be a lesson to always pay attention while driving, even if your car is equipped with“self-driving” capabilities. Sure, it may slam on the brakes if something like this were to happen, but being aware of your surroundings is key when humming along at 70 miles per hour.

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