Video Shows Someone Vandalizing Speed Cameras in Washington D.C.

Video shows the suspect knocking over a speed camera and throwing a piece across the road.

We’ve all been there. Maybe we were driving a bit too fast and passed a speed camera which happened to snap a photo. We may not have noticed that it happened until the ticket arrived in the mail sending us into a fury. We all despise these little contraptions. Well, one person in Washington, D.C. hates these cameras more than any of us can fathom. They detest them so much that security cameras caught their late-night stunt of knocking over and throwing a speed camera and the authorities released the video over the weekend.

This particular video isn’t part of an isolated incident either. Police mention that a total of 11 different locations (most of them in Northeast D.C.) were vandalized between the early morning hours of 2:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. Feb. 20. Police say that at least one person is being investigated for the vandalism, likely by the same person featured in this video, although no video of the suspect’s face was released.

To be honest, the most surprising thing about this video is that the speed camera isn’t bolted down (maybe Washington officials should have taken note of Rhode Island’s mistakes.) Even though the most interesting incidents on the road aren’t captured by speed or red light cameras, this hasn’t persueded the individual from taking out their anger on an inanimate object. It’s not clear if this was simply a disgruntled speeder who fell victim to the speed camera trap, or if the individual is protesting the incorporation of additional cameras which would raise the total count in the district to over 300.