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Watch a Stuck Ford F-250 Pickup Truck Get Rescued by Beat Up Chevrolet Cavalier

A half-dead Cavalier isn't the most ideal off-road support vehicle, but it's better than nothing.

Number one rule of off-roading or overlanding: Never go alone. You’ll never know what precarious situation you might find yourself in, resulting in either your rig getting stuck or damaged and possibly leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere—even if you drive a Ford F-150 brodozer. For that very reason, it’s always good to have a friend join in an equally capable support vehicle in case you need to be rescued for a lift back to civilization. Basically, anything other than a Chevy Cavalier. 

Not all off-road heroes are competent four-by-fours, as shown in this recent viral Facebook video. The footage shows a crippled diesel Ford F-250 getting rescued from a rather unlikely candidate after getting stuck in a mud pit: a beater mid-1990s front-wheel-drive Chevrolet Cavalier sedan.

Details are sparse, but it appears the F-250 was four-wheeling with a bunch of truck owners along a powerline trail somewhere in Florida. While trying to traverse a mud pit, the F-250 found a way to get its rear drive axle stuck in the mud pit. That’s when the Cavalier sedan supposedly stepped in with a tow strap and friends began recording the hilarity that ensued.

For some reason, it appears the F-250 is stuck with only two-wheel drive, either because its transfer case is shot, or it just happens to be a two-wheel drive model. Additionally, because of the undersized wheels and street tires, along with the unusually tall lift, it looks like this F-250 is better served as mall crawler than a bonafide off-roader.

With just a few quick reverse-forward tugs, the Cavalier was able to get the F-250 unstuck as onlookers watched in amazement and awe.

We imagine the F-250 owner is thankful for the assistance, though we’d also guess the owner drove off with a bit of a bruised ego.