This $45,000 1995 Ford F-250 Camper Truck Is a Backwoods Adventurer’s Dream

With worthy off-road chops and room to sleep two, you could disappear for days in this purpose-built rig.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Although it's fun to ogle at brand new off-road builds with every accessory on the market, rugged and purpose-built trucks still deserve a spot in the conversation. You could spring for a spiffy Jeep Gladiator that touts top-notch capability and equipment, but if your main goal is to get outdoors and have a comfortable place to sleep when the sun goes down, then why not buy something like this 1995 Ford F-250? Listed for sale in the Expedition Portal forums, it's a completely built rig with cozy accommodations and old-school toughness that can go anywhere and look good doing it.

Expedition Portal via theron

The seller kept durability in mind when modifying the old body style Ford, applying a slew of appearance and mechanical upgrades. Gone is the independent front suspension setup that always plagued these three-quarter-ton F-Series trucks; now, there's a solid Dana 60 from the F-350 that's built to handle the added weight as well as the monstrous 7.3-liter Powerstroke diesel engine. Other add-ons like a beefy front bumper and brush guard provide useful protection from rocks and obstacles off-road.

Having traveled 165,000 miles, the 7.3-liter should have plenty more life left in it. The power plant has been heavily massaged to produce extra usable output courtesy of an ECU chip, quicker-spooling turbo, high-flow injectors, and more. This extra twist is handled by a built E40D automatic transmission which then sends power to a 4.10 rear-end with a Detroit locker. An ARB front air locker also gives a boost in traction, along with 37-inch all-terrain tires.

Expedition Portal via theron
Expedition Portal via theron
Expedition Portal via theron

Comfort upgrades pull the truck together and make week-long trips possible. Corbeau racing seats wrapped in quilted leather are a nice step-up from the stock units and ice-cold air conditioning means you can go on long hauls through the desert without breaking a sweat. Turn your attention to the back and you'll find a 1988 Grandby pop-up camper that's mounted to a trick Alumline bed. It's packed with a winter-fighting furnace, a sink, dual-burner stove, exhaust fan, and Dometic fridge that provides the amenities of home in a mobile setup. Four USB ports with 12-volt sockets are also there to keep your tech charged and ready.

Expedition Portal via theron

Aside from normal wear and tear like rock chips in the paint and a small windshield crack, this F-250 is in exceptional condition for being almost 25 years old. Take that into account, plus the extensive work to make this pickup an overlanding workhorse, and you have yourself a complete build that's nice enough to show off but not too fancy to take into the backcountry. 

Keep in mind that it does come at a price, specifically to the tune of $45,000. It might seem like a lot at first blush, but when stacked up against similarly built rigs for long-term adventuring, it's not the most expensive by any means.

So what's your take? Is this just right for a comprehensive camping/wheeling machine or does the cost launch it out of contention?