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The Drive seeks to be the internet’s premier destination for news, features, reviews and guides about modern automotive culture.

Founded as the /DRIVE YouTube channel before growing into a full-fledged online publication in 2015, The Drive brings you the best of what’s new in the world of speed, from gear reviews to the latest industry coverage.

In particular, we are obsessed with the future. We are on a mission to cover the future of speed and mobility. We aim to explain, contextualize and critique the way evolving technology changes how we get around, how the automotive industry works, what it means to be a modern car enthusiast, and more. We do so in a way that is irreverent when appropriate, incendiary when absolutely necessary, and intelligent and informed as a matter of course.

We are an independent, editorially-driven, audience-first publication that aims to be agile and innovative in ways our legacy competitors cannot be. We aren’t beholden to tradition, to advertisers or to anyone else; we work for our readers and our readers alone.

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About The War Zone

The War Zone is your daily source for military, defense, and geopolitics coverage and analysis.

Led by veteran journalist Tyler Rogoway, The War Zone stands at the nexus of military technology, strategy, and foreign policy. As a full-spectrum defense-analysis website, TWZ covers the air, sea, land, space, and cyber, domains of warfare, with an infusion of geopolitical context to offer deeper insights to a highly loyal audience comprised of technology enthusiasts, defense insiders, and decision-makers, as well active-duty military members.

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Editor-in-Chief, Director of Military Strategy Tyler Rogoway |
Deputy Editor Joseph Trevithick |
Staff Writer Thomas Newdick |

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The Drive and The War Zone are a part of Brookline Media and North Equity, which also includes Task & Purpose and Car Bibles.

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