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Careless YouTubers Buy $100,000 Ford F-350 Limited Just to Destroy It

Not even a $20,000 hydraulic lift kit can save this truck from getting pummeled.

The world absolutely does not need another chromed-out, lifted, diesel bro-dozer truck terrorizing the roads, but one YouTube channel is actually putting their modified rig to work. Whistlin’ Diesel recently purchased a 2017 Ford F-350 Limited with a hydraulic lift kit, massive wheels, and an ultra-plush interior—the result is a pickup costing somewhere around $100,000. The crew immediately put their shiny new Ford through its paces in a frozen field and found out that expensive upgrades don’t exactly make a truck bulletproof.

The F-350 manages to claw up and over several frozen hills and seems to do a good job at plowing across the snowy fields. It finally meets its match while trying to cross a frozen pond, however. The truck is thoroughly bogged down and comes out of the muck with a broken driveshaft. After hooning the Ford until it breaks, the guys give the truck a quick spray with a hose before surveying the damage.

Beyond the driveshaft, the truck’s quilted leather floormats are completely caked with mud and the front bumper is not the same shape it was before. The guy works to “fix” the bumper with the butt of an axe, but to no avail. Instead of crying over the damage, the guys laugh it off—that’s just one of the benefits of blowing sweet YouTube money on vehicles just to make videos.

A few weeks ago, the channel posted a video covering their purchase of the $102,000 Ford F-350. The truck was built using a lift kit from AnyLevel, a company that currently makes air suspension upgrades for 2011-2019 Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450 pickups. AnyLevel says its hydraulic lift kits can raise the truck 13 inches in the front and up to a foot in the rear. Whistlin’ Diesel bought their F-350 with the kit already installed, which helps explain the truck’s six-figure price tag. Depending on the application, an AnyLevel hydraulic lift kit can cost around $20,000.

Acting like an idiot in your six-figure pickup, though? Priceless.

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