This Ford F-350 Centurion Power Stroke 7.3L Has an Interior as Plush as the Outside Is Brutal

Of course it has a built-in VHS player.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Apr 16, 2020 11:20 AM
This Ford F-350 Centurion Power Stroke 7.3L Has an Interior as Plush as the Outside Is Brutal

At this point, it's okay to say you've had your fill of half-baked limousines. For those out there who prefer a more refined and polished luxo-barge, there are a few options that stand out. Factory-built, long-wheelbase Maybachs do the job for most one-percenters, though if you need to tow a boat with your rolling slice of opulence, the German auto will leave you wanting more. That's why the Ford F-350 Centurion exists—to carry the entire family, along with a whole bunch-o'-stuff, in exclusivity.

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It's not every day that one of these "extended crew cab" models comes up for sale like this one is on Bring a Trailer, and that's because not many were built. See, an F-350 would leave the Ford factory and be shipped straight to Centurion, the conversion company known for its, erm, original vehicular creations. The truck would then have its four-door layout stretched for a decent amount of extra legroom with a few luxuries thrown in for good measure. This was the '90s, though, so you'll have to dig deep in your brain to remember just how great the square television with its own trick VHS player was and is.

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The interior, including the seats and the fold-out bed in the back—oh, yeah, it has one of those—is made from the same material as your grandma's living room chair. With any luck at all, these don't wreak of cigarette smoke, much like your grandma's living room chair.

It wouldn't be truly period-correct without a heaping helping of wood throughout the cabin and, luckily, this one's got exactly that. You'll find the stuff on all four doors, as well as the dashboard, the center console, and overhead on the truck's roof. It might feel more retro RV than modern luxury, but that's alright because old school cool isn't going anywhere.

Alas, the outside has received a few modifications that help build on the already-kinda-ridiculous design. Gone are the stock wheels and in their place is a set of 22-inch, 10-lug semi rollers polished to a mirror finish. All six are wrapped in 285/45 highway-friendly tires for cruising the U.S.A. without the annoying roar of mud-terrains.

Under the hood is a venerable 7.3-liter Power Stroke V8, which many consider to be Ford's most reliable diesel engine ever put into a pickup. Judging by the exterior badging, it also packs an ATS intercooler setup which helps keep temperatures low and turbocharger boost high. Once the power is magically made with the help of forced induction, it's kicked back to a four-speed automatic transmission that eventually sends it to the rear wheels only—pretty much standard practice for dually trucks of this era.

There's also a 50-gallon auxiliary fuel tank for those long hauls from one state park to the next.

All things considered, the truck is in exceptional shape. It's been driven slightly over 201,000 miles, which may sound like a lot, but is admittedly decent given the Power Stroke's known longevity. Its body is in good shape and, underneath, there's little corrosion with the main point being where Centurion extended the body.

Via Bring a Trailer

The auction ends Thursday, so you'll need to hurry up if you plan on bidding. Just let us know if you end up buying it because we've got some great ideas in mind for making it the perfect daily driver.

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