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Alaskan Pioneer Builds Rolling Log Cabin on a 1996 Ford F-350

Built by a god amongst men.

Despite what the internet might have you believe, some overlanders would rather pass on pricey, ready-built kits in favor of something DIY-centric. This means forgoing rooftop tents and already-assembled bed racks for a more bespoke project—in the case of Alaska man Tim Johnson, that means a small-scale log cabin in the back of his 1996 Ford F-350. And while some hardcore enthusiasts spend $50,000 or more while modifying their rigs, Johnston’s cost him just $26,000 with the truck included.

The US Sun/Tim Johnson

Living in the Last Frontier State, you almost need a log home just to fit in amongst the locals. The 38-year-old has achieved this by incorporating a cookstove, two couches, a television, and even a toilet into his on-the-road chateau. As pointed out by The US Sun, Johnson spared no effort in creating the ideal camper truck.

“I sold my Toyota because it was on its last legs and bought a classic Ford truck for just under $13,000 because I wanted to finally create my dream truck house,” Johnson explained to the outlet. “It cost me another $13,000 to build the house on the back so all together the bill has come to around $26,000.”

He continued to mention that the project took approximately three months in total to complete. His father was originally a carpenter, so Johnson learned his woodworking skills from him growing up and applied them to his special-made camper.

The US Sun/Tim Johnson

Now, he and the truck venture out on days-long trips across Alaska’s frigid terrain. Luckily, there’s a reliable 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesel under the hood that can take Johnston to and from campsites without issue…so long as it starts up in the morning. We imagine a block heater was number one on the modification list given the compression ignition lump’s slow-cranking nature in the cold.

“My truck house is perfect, it has everything I need to stay out for as long as I need,” Johnson added.

“I wasn’t in a rush with this project, I thought if I was going to do it again, I wanted to do it properly and make it exactly how I had pictured it in my head.”

One thing’s for sure: We couldn’t have done it better ourselves. Just look at that front porch!

The US Sun/Tim Johnson

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