This Pricey Kit Turns Your Jeep Gladiator into an Ultra Capable Overland Camper

Who’s ready for a trip around the world?

byJonathon Klein|
Jeep News photo

When Jeep debuted the Gladiator, the truck promised to be a weekend off-road weapon. A truck capable of conquering even the toughest of circumstances, as evidenced by its Trail-Rated status. However, to truly be a useful rig, the Gladiator needs to do everything, including transforming into the perfect camp. Enter FiftyTen and its Mid-Size Camping System (MSCS) which will have you longing for the open desert and wilds of Tunguska.

“What is as important as thrilling adventures and a joyful time?,” starts FiftyTen’s description of the company’s MSCS, adding, “A good night´s sleep—it recharges your batteries and gives you the energy that you need for your next exciting day.” To achieve that, FiftyTen engineered a Gladiator bed system that bolts to the Jeep’s frame and gives owners weather-sealed storage and a roof-top tent for the best of both worlds.


The MSCS centers around a steel compartment that doubles as a livable interior space with three separate openings; two side hatches and one rear. The hatches use gas struts to stay open, with interior rigging so customers can either strap cargo, equipment, or bedding into the base of it. It also gives them easier access when loading and unloading said gear and equipment. Better yet, there’s an entire penthouse to sleep in.

Like other traditional roof-top tents, the MSCS will blow its lid to reveal a full-size pop-top tent. According to the company, the tent will pop up in just a few seconds thanks to a single security hook and closes just as easily. Included with the system is an 80mm Froli spring adjustable mattress that allows customers to play with the firmness of the unit to get their desired sleep. Both the mattress and the tent’s fabric portions are removable for easy washing and long-term storage. 


FiftyTen also says that the MSCS is able to be customized through the brand’s dealer, Goose Gear. Options include speccing your MSCS’s color, tent fabric, interior load-out, roof-rails, among other tasty overlanding options. That said, FiftyTen’s MSCS isn’t cheap with the standard system, without any customization options or install, costing you $32,880. That’s a lot to swallow when the price of your standard Jeep Gladiator costs in the neighborhood of $35,000. And that’s before you start adding on other overlanding options such as tires, suspension, skid-plates, and all the gear required to traverse the world’s backcountry. 

Pricing aside, FiftyTen’s MSCS looks ready for whatever the world’s trails can throw at it. And, when the world inevitably goes to hell in a handbasket, which is looking increasingly likely as each day passes, why not travel the post-apocalyptic wasteland in style and in comfort? We know we’re going to need a good night’s sleep after fighting zombies or Immortan Joe’s horde of War Boys.