Rubicon’s New Overlanding Tent Is Your Swanky, Hitch-Mounted Basecamp

Tired of the bulky tent on top of your trail rig? Ditch it for this new setup that bolts and unbolts in a snap.

byChris Teague|
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If you’ve been wanting a rooftop tent for your SUV or adventure truck without the hassle of having something strapped to your vehicle at all times, you’re in luck; California-based Rubicon Expedition Products has a solution for the problem. The company has designed a hitch-mounted system that uses a frame to elevate the tent off the ground that's easy to install and uninstall when you're in a rush.

According to a release, the company’s Hitch Tent system is nearly ready for preorders and will run somewhere in the range of $1,200. That’ll buy quite a nice “regular” tent, but why do something the old fashioned way when you can engineer the hell out it?

All kidding aside, the hitch-mounted tent actually makes sense for a lot of people. First, having a giant tent rig strapped to the top of a vehicle adds weight and wind resistance to what is likely already a boxy overlanding setup. Next is the convenience factor of being able to disconnect the tent, leave it behind, and drive away from camp. As New Atlas notes, one solution is to use a utility trailer to mount a tent, but the cost is then higher and the added bulk won’t be worth it for most people.

Rubicon Expedition Products will be showing its Hitch Tent at Overland Expo West this week and will be taking preorders at the show. Deliveries will start in September, so get down off the roof and grab your credit card.