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Watch a Ford F-250 Junkyard-Special Soar Through the Sky

This YouTuber specializes in sweet, unadulterated, automotive carnage.

Meet Mark Freeman, the genius behind the “Mark Freeman #408” YouTube channel, where he dedicates most of this amateur moving picture experience to all kinds of full-send things that include absolute and awesome automotive carnage—and evening blowing a few things up. In one of his latest videos, Freeman and his buddies team up to find out how far a Ford F-250 Super Duty can jump. Or should we say, fly?

The truck up for the job is an old Super Duty, one that appears to be at the end of its usable life, having some of its parts removed in an effort to keep others on the road. When Freeman starts it up to show that it runs it can be heard that something’s amiss with its 6.8-liter Triton V-10, leading us to believe a cylinder or two are dead.

Freeman and his buds decided a nice big jump Dukes of Hazzard-style is the best way to send this F-250 to its grave. To make the magic happen, Freeman equips the F-250 with a remote fuel-cutoff switch, because obviously sitting in the driver seat in such a stunt isn’t exactly ideal, especially without the proper safety gear.

Using a two-by-four, he wedges the gas pedal and shifts the truck from neutral into drive before retreating to a safe distance. It takes a couple of tries before Freeman and his buds realize they must strap down the steering wheel to keep it from veering off. Freeman claims it was an official “Guinness World Record” attempt, but we couldn’t find any verification for such a claim. Still, it’s fun to watch these guys mess around.

Should you need a break from your afternoon grind, however, Freeman’s channel also consists of a lot of other crazy activities, like destroying a Mazda3 by redlining it to death until it catches fire, and jumping other cheap junkyard cars. Because why not? Other non-automotive adventures include blowing up a beaver dam to pieces.

Happy Friday.