Here’s What Happens When You Load a Ford Super Duty’s Bed With 12,500 Pounds of Wet Concrete

For reference, the truck’s max payload capacity is only around 4,000 pounds.

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Overloading your pickup can cause a list of problems, namely broken suspensions and bent frames. That's why modern heavy-duty trucks have massive towing and payload capacities—to get work done without worries of serious damage. Then again, when there are limits in place, they're going to be tested and tragically for this $100,000 Ford F-350 bro-dozer, it belongs to probably the most abusive owner on the internet.

In YouTuber WhistlinDiesel's latest truck trial, he loads 12,500 pounds of wet concrete into the bed of his modified Blue Oval—around three times its listed max.

This poor Super Duty, which has been driven close to its breaking point time and again, never stood a chance against the enormous mountain of water, gravel, and cement. Although it's been modified and rides high on an adjustable hydraulic suspension, that still isn't enough to save it from serious twisting and contorting. Then again, the objective was never to preserve the Ford as you can see from literal hammer dents and ax gouges in the truck's aluminum body.

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Of course, the pickup starts to squat significantly once it surpasses its roughly 4,000-pound payload capacity. The crew continues to pour the concrete in, though, without any hesitation.

To protect the extra pair of batteries and other equipment mounted in the bed, they built a makeshift partition that at least partially kept them dry. Not much attention was paid to the paint, however, as you can see it covered in hardened concrete about halfway through the clip.

At 10,000 pounds, the rear coilovers are almost fully compressed. Once they dump the remaining 2,500 pounds in, the truck's suspension geometry goes completely out of whack with the long-travel coilovers angled out and touching the brake calipers.

You'd probably think it can't get any worse, but...

With the front end pointed skyward, the WhistlinDiesel crew climbs into the truck to go for a rip around a nearby field. The F-350's front passenger-side fender gets torn in the process, though instead of trying to fix it, they just peel the rest of it off. How's that for DIY?

WhistlinDiesel via YouTube

Sadly, the video doesn't show exactly how they got all the concrete out, but we do know they had to use a sawzall to cut open the tailgate.

Once the bed is empty and the truck takes to the road, there's amazingly little to no difference in the way it drives. Whether that's a testament to Ford or God himself, we're not sure.

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