Truck Carrying Empty Kegs Drives Off Pennsylvania Overpass

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. No precious beer was spilled, either.

The image was a frat boy’s worst nightmare, with hundreds of beer kegs scattered all over the road after the tractor-trailer carrying them fell off the side of a bridge earlier this week. 

ABC News reports that the truck fell 20 feet from a bridge over Interstate 95 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. The impact with the ground shattered the trailer which spilled its cargo of beer kegs all over the highway. 

CBS Philly adds that the truck’s swan dive was caused by a collision with a car on the bridge that sent it sailing off the side. Miraculously, neither the driver of the car nor the beer truck driver were hurt in the crash. Even better, the kegs were empty, so no beer was wasted, either.

A massive cleanup team spent the rest of the day gathering kegs and removing the remains of the truck from the roadway. 

“We have a trailer that is broken in three to four different places. We’ll have to cut it apart on scene here, but first, we have to get it to a safe working place before we can do anything else,” Chuck Matthias of Rob’s Automotive told WPVI. I-95 was closed for two hours and significant traffic delays persisted beyond that.

All told, this could have gone a whole lot worse. No one expects to plunge off the side of a bridge and survive, let alone walk away from the crash. The kegs could also have been full, which would have spilled a great deal of beer on the roadway. But joking aside, a full keg is much heavier than an empty one and could have done a great deal more damage to the truck and the surrounding area.