Polish Highway Closed Due to Liquid Chocolate Truck Spill

The sweet confection spilled across all lanes of the A2 motorway after the truck hauling it struck a barrier.

A truck hauling hot liquid chocolate crashed in Poland early Wednesday morning, spilling its delicious contents across all six lanes of the A2 motorway, reports the Associated Press.

The private broadcaster TVN24 reported from the site of the accident that the driver was taken to a hospital with a broken arm. The highway was relatively empty and free of traffic, so no other injuries were reported.

It is unknown what caused the crash, but the results were quite obvious, with the truck landing on its side and rupturing the trailer. This allowed its hot gooey liquid chocolate contents to spill all across the road, covering all lanes in both directions. The chocolate cooled as it spread, solidifying into an even bigger mess on the highway. This presents a hazard to drivers, who, although trained to drive through rain and snow, most likely have no experience driving through molten chocolate in various states of solidifying.

Senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski with the fire brigade of Slupca, a town in western Poland, said, “the cooling chocolate is worse than snow.” At least snow can be easily plowed off the road surface, but cooling chocolate sticks to the road while remaining slippery on top, causing a hazard to motorists. Rescue officials said the chocolate would require large amounts of hot water to clear away. While fire trucks carry large amounts of water, they don’t need it to be hot to fight fires, presenting a unique problem for the chocolate removal. 

Perhaps Elon Musk should send a few flamethrowers to Poland to help.