Arkansas Semi-Truck Crash Spills Thousands of Frozen Pizzas onto Highway

It's not's all over Interstate 30.

Associated Press

Authorities in Little Rock, Arkansas had a zesty mess on their hands Wednesday when a semi-truck carrying a full load of DiGiorno and Tombstone frozen pizzas struck a low overpass, causing the trailer to rip open and spill the icy pies over a huge stretch of highway, reports.

The truck was traveling west on Interstate 30 when the top of the trailer clipped the Mabelvale Pike overpass, tearing the trailer and causing the tractor to jackknife and detach. Thankfully, the driver was uninjured. The pizzas? Not so much.

"There's a lot of frozen pizzas laying out on the interstate right now," Arkansas Department of Transportation Department spokesman Danny Straessle told ArkansasOnline just after the accident. "Lots of pizza fatalities."

While pizzas are certainly preferable to slimy hagfish when it comes to highway spills, a frozen pie that slowly defrosts in the blazing sun makes its own kind of special mess. Video from the scene shows an endless sea of smashed boxes and pepperoni pizzas, many of which wind up smeared into the pavement as crews bring in large front-loaders to scoop up the bigger piles. It reportedly took workers more than four hours to clean it all up. [Insert your own "30 minutes or less" joke here. —Ed]