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Tesla Model 3 Owners With Kids Learning to Drive Can Get a $500 Incentive wants a better, greener future for our younger generation.

On top of incentives from the government, you might get an incentive from for your Tesla Model 3. The website that offers practice tests for people learning to drive has a big vision for the future of electric cars. In an effort to do its part in accelerating the EV revolution, the site is offering $500 to the first 100 people who apply and qualify for the new program.

Here’s how it works. Obviously, step one is owning a Tesla Model 3. You need to provide proof of purchase of your new EV and also provide a brief video of your child practicing driving the Model 3. They’re not too picky about what’s in the video, it just needs to show a kid driving your Tesla Model 3 even if it’s for a few minutes in an empty parking lot. is very optimistic about the future of electric cars and sustainable transport. “By providing a financial incentive for young drivers to get some behind-the-wheel experience with Tesla vehicles sooner, we’re hoping to introduce them to quality electric vehicles early in their journey to becoming fully licensed drivers. We hope that this will help them see the advantages of electric vehicles,” said founder Andrei Zakhareuski. is the first private organization to offer an incentive like this. Hopefully, other companies can follow suit to bring more electric vehicles to more people who want them.