Tesla Gears Up for Model 3 Event, Here’s How You Can Watch It Tonight

The wait finally comes to an end.

byRob Stumpf|
Tesla Gears Up for Model 3 Event, Here’s How You Can Watch It Tonight

The air in the EV world is buzzing with the excitement of electricity today. Those waiting for the Tesla Model 3 can agree that the wait and anticipation for Tesla's newest car to be fully revealed to the public has been tedious. Many speculations and rumors have been hovering around the Model 3, as the only thing really known about the car is how it looks and its base price. All of that finally ends tonight during Tesla's Model 3 event where the first 30 buyers will have their cars delivered to them, and you can watch right alongside them.

Earlier in July, the first production-ready Model 3 rolled off the assembly line. It was affectionately coined as "SN1", or "Serial Number 1" in a Tweet by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, and would become his personal car after being gifted the reservation for his birthday. So far, various Model 3s have been spotted roaming around, most with low serial numbers. However, a few people have spotted cars with VINs reflecting that possibility that hundreds of Model 3s are already finished with production, waiting to go out to their new owners.

Whatever the case may be, the Model 3 is finally making an official appearance tonight, along with details that haven't quite made it to the public. Musk posted a video to Instagram last night of the Freemont factory setting up for the launch event, setting up high hopes that it will big and flashy.

The release is very Apple-esque to say the least. A product that is teased by its manufacturer (and eagerly explored by its fans) but not really discussed in detail until the official launch event—there's clever marketing to say the least. Granted, we've seen a lot more of this car than we have the iPhone, but the underlying feel of a technology company showing off its latest features can't be shaken from this type of release.

So, how can you glue your eyes to a screen and watch the details unfold? Tesla has made that super easy for those interested. Simply visit Tesla's website at 8:45 p.m. PST (that's 11:45 p.m. for everyone on the east coast) and you'll be tuned in.

There will likely be more details announced regarding the Model 3 and its features to clarify the speculation. We already know that a dual-motor performance variation will be unveiled sometime in 2018, but for now Tesla is working on mass producing its single motor variants in order to dramatically scale production. Keep an eye out, as I'm sure we'll have many more details about the Model 3 over the weekend in case you can't hang for the late-night reveal.