First Tesla Model 3 Just Rolled Off the Production Line

Exciting news as Tesla CEO Elon Musk shares photos of first Model 3 off of the assembly line.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Jul 10, 2017 12:31 AM
First Tesla Model 3 Just Rolled Off the Production Line

The company has done it. The first production Tesla Model 3 has rolled off of the assembly line and into the hearts of Tesla aficionados everywhere. The long awaited mass-production all-electric car has been spotted a few times in the wild, but this particular car marks the start of a Tesla's first large scale launch of a vehicle. This affordable EV may very well put some serious competition towards traditional petrol-powered commuters.

The Model 3 marks Tesla's fourth production vehicle, joining the ranks of the Model S, Model X, and long-defunct Roadster. What makes the Model 3 unique is its target consumer: everybody. The mass-production EV's base model is priced reasonably, ranking it within $1,500 of the average price for a new car. After tax incentives, current pricing dips as low as $27,500—that's about the price of a top-of-the-line Honda Civic or Chevy Impala.

Tesla painted the first Model 3 in black; one of the six available color options (black, white, blue, red, signature red, and silver) spotted in the wild over the past few months. Along with the upgraded 19-inch wheels, the Model 3 looks pretty stylish in its formal wear.

So now the big question - who gets it? Originally, one of Tesla's board members, Ira Ehrenpreis, had laid claim to SN1 ("Serial Number 1", as this particular unit has been affectionately named by Musk), however, as a present for Elon Musk's 46th birthday, Ira had gifted the reservation to Musk. Ehrenpreis was bumped to SN2, the second Model 3 to roll off of the line.

Now that the production has started, Tesla plans to ramp up in hope to produce 20,000 units per month by December. If this goes as planned, Tesla could see quite the boost in sales, assuming adoption of the Model 3 is as popular as demand appears (especially with early adopters receiving a $7,500 tax credit). Though the existing Level 3 charging infrastructure isn't quite up-to-par outside of key states like California and New York, manufacturers are working on expanding it to keep up with increased demand for EVs. In the meantime, Tesla's unique navigation model allows for trip planning around Level 3 charging so that owners do not have to stress (aka "range anxiety) about getting to the next charger. Even more of a reason to consider the Model 3 if you're shopping for a new car.