BMW, Volkswagen, and ChargePoint Massively Grow Electric Car Charger Network

Tesla isn't the only company with a strategic plan for EV chargers.


Are you the proud owner of a non-Tesla electric car who has a bad case of range-anxiety? ChargePoint, Volkswagen, and BMW have teamed up to saturate major highway corridors on the East and West coasts with quick electric vehicle chargers.

The partnership brings 95 new DC Electric Vehicle Express Charing stations to areas between Portland and San Diego, and from Washington D.C. to Boston. Each corridor has a charger every 50 miles. Charging is open to all electric car owners who use ChargePoint's services and who have a car with the appropriate charge port.

All of ChargePoint's quick chargers use SAE combo connectors and some will also have CHAdeMO capabilities for use with the Nissan Leaf. The chargers can be used in either 50kw or 24kw DC fast-charging mode. With more than 30,000 charging spots across the nation, ChargePoint is rapidly outpacing Tesla's Supercharger network.