4K Video Provides Best Look Yet at the Tesla Model 3

This clip shows a release candidate Model 3 in beautiful high-resolution footage. 


With delivery dates for the Tesla Model 3 inching closer and closer, it appears Tesla has been doing an increasing amount of road-testing with the new entry-level electric car. The latest example: a new video on YouTube shows what appears to be the Model 3 in ultra-clear 4K quality. 

The folks at Electrek unearthed and posted a video Wednesday that shows a white pre-production Model 3 test mule on the road. As the electric car news site notes, the car in the video appears to have some strange panel gaps on the rear-end—not something too unusual for Teslas—but otherwise, it looks pretty standard for what we've seen with recent Model 3 mule sightings. Seeing the car in white does give us a chance to better make out the likely-final version of the car's styling in better clarity...which is only further helped by the 4K resolution of the footage. 

Musk said at a TED talk last Friday that Tesla will be able to make its goal of starting up Model 3 production in July. But it's unclear if the electric car company will be able to meet its required production number goals by the end of the year.