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The Aftermarket Is Already Getting Ready to Spice Up the Tesla Model 3

Companies like T Sportline will help Model 3 owners customize their cars as soon as they get them.

The Tesla for the masses, the Model 3, is entering production and has more than 500,000 reservations already. The aftermarket has taken notice and is gearing up to offer owners numerous ways to customize their rides as soon as they take delivery. 

One such company is T Sportline. Claiming the title of the world’s first Tesla tuner, T Sportline already offers a line of accessories for the Model S and X and is preparing offerings for the Model 3 as well. For the casual enthusiast who wants an easy bolt-on accessory, T Sportline has a number of 19 and 20-inch wheel designs in the works. Though Tesla will be offering an optional 19-inch wheel, T Sportline’s offerings will give the car an even more distinctive look. Plus, owners will be able to use the factory 19-inch tire, center cap, lug nuts, tire pressure sensors on T Sportline’s 19-inch offerings.

To further customize the look, there’s the T Sportline Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Sport Package, including a front add-on apron, rocker panel set, rear diffuser, and trunk wing. This gives the car a more sporty look than T Sportline’s Model S kit since Model 3 buyers are likely to be younger and prefer a more aggressive appearance. Sport lowering springs will also be available to drop the car one inch. Those who want an interior made of real cow skin rather than Tesla’s vegan leather will be able to buy interior kits from T Sportline.

T Sportline

This may seem surprising for such a niche car as the Model 3. But consider the enormous aftermarket for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota 86. According to sales numbers on, to date, less than 100,000 of these cars have been made, total. Yet enthusiasts can find anything they want to tweak these cars to their heart’s desire. The Model 3 is a very different car from the Toyobaru, but with several times as many future owners, it makes good sense for the aftermarket to cash in on this potential market, particularly because people who buy Teslas are more enthusiastic about them than the average person who buys a Toyota Camry.

Pricing for these upgrades has yet to be determined. The full Model S interior package can cost half the price of a Model 3, but T Sportline says it will keep the Model 3 owner’s budget in mind with its offerings for the less expensive Tesla.