Onlooker Mistakes Faraday Future FF91 Prototype for Tesla Model 3

"Dude, is that the Model 3?"

A prototype of Faraday’s debut model, the FF91, was spotted testing on public streets with only a dash of camouflage and slight obscurity, but one particular driver spotted the test car and tracked it down. As the Faraday strolled past,  the onlooker had a revelation that he had seen something special, but he was a bit confused. With as much hype as Tesla has built for their Model 3, the onlooker thought for sure he was looking at one in the flesh. Much to his (and the Faraday test driver’s) chagrin, he had misidentified the vehicle for the automaker’s largest competitor.

The driver shouts out to the FF91, asking, “Is that the Model 3?” The guy behind the wheel of the FF91 starts to chuckle, telling him “no,” then drives off with his head tucked down. Of course, this is just a minor mistake, but it has to hurt a little when you’re confused with the brand you’re trying to take down, especially since the FF91 will be a six-figure car.

It’ll be interesting to see how another electric-only brand will stack up to Tesla. As each brands compete for market share, things could get heated as time goes on. We do know one thing, however—the newcomers will have to fight hard as Tesla comes into its own with volume compounding drastically.