Tesla Goes Numeric for Model 3 Logo, Says Trademark Motion by Adidas not a Factor

The German apparel company tried to block a triple-striped logo for the Model 3 they claimed was too similar to their own; Tesla insists the change to a numeric logo was solely part of an internal branding decision.

byJosh Condon|
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Adidas Filed a Motion to Block Tesla Logo

On Friday, February 3, Tesla found itself at odds with an unexpected foe: global sneaker, athletic gear, and streetwear behemoth, Adidas. 

According to Law360, the German apparel brand filed a notice of opposition with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, claiming the Silicon Valley automaker's proposed logo for its upcoming Model 3 sedan, comprised of three horizontal stripes, was too similar to Adidas's own "3 stripes mark" (typically presented on the diagonal or vertical) and demanding the board stop Tesla from federally registering said logo.

The Tesla Model 3 logo, left, and the Adidas "3 stripes mark", right., Via Law360

New Model 3 Logo Will Be Numeric

But according to Engadget, a Tesla source said the company had in fact dropped the three-stripes logo "weeks ago," and will use a numeric logo instead. Elon Musk confirmed the numeric logo on Twitter on February 5th:

Via Twitter 

Musk's Tweet came two day's after Adidas's motion, and two days before Tesla reportedly withdrew its application for the three-stripes logo, on February 7. Tesla declined to comment further on this story to The Drive, but Engadget reported the company denied the decision was made in response to Adidas's motion, claiming instead it was an internal branding decision. The logo on Tesla's website was reportedly changed before the Adidas notice, and certainly shows the update today:

The Model 3's numeric logo., Teslamotors.com