Watch a Tesla Model 3 Roll Down a Street Near SpaceX HQ

A rare sighting of the upcoming entry-level Tesla.

The Tesla Model 3 has barely been seen outside of the press conference where it was originally unveiled, but a video posted to Instagram Thursday shows a rare look at it actually driving down a public road. 

The guys at Tesla aftermarket shop Unplugged Performance in Hawthorne, California caught the car rolling down the block in front of the SpaceX headquarters. It’s unclear who’s piloting the Model 3, but from the quick glance we get in the video, it looks like they’re completely squad-deep in the car. 

And heck, you can bet that if we had our hands on a Model 3 this early, we probably would fill it up with all of our friends as well. 

Earlier in March, Tesla confirmed to Electrek that it would be producing some early prototype Model 3s at its Fremont factory, but those cars are expected to sport some changes from the display cars we saw at the initial launch. From the looks of things, the car in the video probably isn’t one of the freshly-produced examples.

Either way, check the video out below.