The Moment is a Foldable, 4K-Capable Drone

The $200 Moment drone, up for backing on Indiegogo, is a foldable UAV that can capture 4K footage. Would you like a moment?

byMarco Margaritoff| UPDATED Sep 22, 2017 4:03 PM
The Moment is a Foldable, 4K-Capable Drone

The Moment Drone is a new, foldable UAV capable of recording 4K video at 25 frames per second and can fly for 15 minutes. 

We’ve seen similar drones before, such as the collapsible "last centimeter" drone from Switzerland, or the Elios which similarly uses a protective cage. The Moment, however, is a small, compact, foldable consumer drone that can let casual users safely engage in drone-recorded 4K footage. 

The Moment campaign on Indiegogo, particularly the promotional video therein, seems to be targeting homeowners that are into gadgets and film, in addition to curious about drones, of course.

According to Digital Trends, the Moment will only cost you $200 if you commit to it now on the crowdfunding site. That’s a pretty good deal, if this company actually delivers on its campaign promise, unlike one or two other companies we know). 

With a camera capable of 4K, ultra high-definition footage at 25 fps and the ability to take 12-megapixel photos, you’ve got yourself two or three impressive gadgets at once. This is the sort of thing my uncle would get me for Christmas, since he'd know it would seriously wow me, at a fairly affordable price. 

Easily Unfolded UAV, Moment Drone

Like many other UAVs focused on video content creation, there are several modes for camera direction. Tou can choose between "Sweep Panorama," "Continuous Capture," and "Delay Capture," Digital Trends explains.  The Moment is also capable of tracking and following you on the move,  which gives you a hands-free moment, as it were, to capture whatever footage you need to get. 

If you’re filming a scene requiring an aerial shot of you walking into the distance, simply toggle to "Auto-Tracking" and get it done. If you screwed up your take, and wish you could have that Moment back, there's an "Auto Fly Back" button that will lead the UAV directly back to base. Obviously, you can use your smartphone instead, as is standard with UAVs like these.

What does the drone itself look like? Let’s have a look at the official promo video to get a better sense of this UAV’s aesthetic.

As you can see, the Moment has four-inch tri-blade rotors, a 1906-brushless motor, and can withstand up to 11 mile per hour wind gusts. That allows it to capture some fairly stable footage, which is a definite must for a UAV selling itself on strong video capture abilities. While the camera has various modes to toggle through, so does the drone itself, like the aforementioned tracking mode.

According to Digital Trends, the Moment weighs less than a pound, is foldable, and looks pretty great for $200.