NASCAR drivers are punching each other again

The obvious solution to the general boredom of a rain delay is an impromptu fight club.

At the XFINITY Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway Saturday, drivers Jeremy Clements and Ross Chastain solved their rain-delay boredom by clocking each other, according to Fox Sports. Apparently, Clements grabbed Chastain by the shoulder as all of the drivers exited their cars during the delay. We don’t know what was said or why this was such a grave injustice, but photos show that this led to an increasingly heated situation that involved Chastain’s fists flying in the general direction of Clements. It’d be fair to infer that Chastain does not appreciate being grabbed on his shoulder. Clements was spotted by Fox Sports leaving the medical center while the delay was still in effect, with sunglasses covering his eyes. 

While he declined to interview, Chastain did chat with the press:

In the interview, Chastain says the two have had a long history of butting heads both on and off the track. He told Fox Sports he tried to be the bigger man in most situations, and when Clements tried to put pressure on him on the track, he decided he would gladly talk to the other driver but wasn’t willing to risk a crash over a feud. 

“Somebody grabbed me by my shoulders and kind of pushed me,” he told Fox Sports. “I just turned around and saw who it was. I hope he realizes now that he can talk, we can talk, but you can’t grab someone by the shoulders. That happened before and I said right then I wouldn’t let it happen again. What’s done is done.”

Say what you will about the man’s actions, but at least he didn’t form some breathless apology when we all know he’s damn-well proud of knocking Clements upside the head.