Watch a Bunch of Rally Cars Crash Into a Ditch

Reminder: Things can go bad even when racing slowly.

byAaron Brown|
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Those who enter rallies do so knowing full well there's a solid chance their car might not make it out in one piece. Crashing is just part of the rally game. This YouTube video shows how a handful of rally cars met their doom as they entered one very slick, low-speed corner. 

A video shared on YouTube Sunday shows action from last weekend's Śląska Rally in Poland—or more specifically, a handful of rally cars at the rally crashing into a ditch. From the looks of the video, the cars came in hot, but not too hot, from a faster stretch of the rally stage, and were forced to slow down to handle the upcoming corner without going off the course. But because of the stretch of road near the corner is wet and muddy, some of the cars—mostly small European hatchbacks—have trouble making the corner. This, in turn, led to them driving into the ditch next to the course. 

Going off a stage in rally happens. The important thing is whether you and the helpful spectators around you manage to push the car right-side-up so you can keep hustling down the course.