Watch Kris Meeke’s WRC Rally Car Fly Off-Course Into a Parking Lot…and Still Win

Navigating through a packed parking lot while attempt to win a stage rally is not ideal.

byAaron Brown|
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Anything can happen at a rally. A wayward deer could come flying out of the woods, you could puncture two tires while going ten-tenths on a stage, or maybe, if you're like World Rally Championship driver Kris Meeke at last weekend's Rally Mexico, your car might be thrown off course into a parking lot right before you take the whole event in a win. Hey, shit happens.

Towards the end of the race, Meeke and his Citroën C3 were sent through some shrubs and into a lot where he apparently damaged at lease one car after going off course on stage 19, the final stage of Rally Mexico. Meeke even sprayed bystanders and parked cars with massive amounts of sand in his desperate attempt to make his way back on course. But hey, he did it. 

But apparently not without at least a small amount of stress. At least, that's what this tweet from the driver appears to imply.

The whole thing was captured on both dashcam video and from a bird's eye view camera. From both angles, it's damn exciting.

Check out the clips below. 

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