Watch a 580-HP V8-Powered BMW E30 3 Series Drift Car Do Its Thing

This BMW never stops getting sideways.

byAaron Brown|
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Stock E30-generation BMW M3s are delicately balanced cars, with 215-horsepower inline-four S14 motors sending power to the rear wheels. It's just enough to keep the driver's blood flowing on a spirited drive, and able to get the wheels spinning when the driver wants to do some showing off. 

Now imagine that but with nearly three times the amount of power. The careful balance between grip and go may no longer exist...but now you have one incredible drift car.

A video uploaded to YouTube on February 7th shows what happens when you stuff a supercharged, 4.0-liter 580-horsepower BMW M62 V8—along with a couple other modifications—into an E30, then put that E30 on a drift course. 

And this V8-powered E30 M3 gets very sideways.

The video was shot at the King of Italy Drift SuperCup event on the weekend of January 20th in Verona, Italy, according to the video's description. Drifter Gerson Junginger owns the car and was behind the wheel in the shots seen above. 

That's some quality handiwork behind the steering wheel there, Mr. Junginger.