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Here’s What Happens When We Race the $2,000 BMW 3-Series

It's been drifted, abused on a gravel rally stage, and sent up a mountain. It's time for the E30's final challenge: Endurance racing.

It started out a $2,000 1988 BMW 3-Series of questionable lineage. Since then, we drifted it on bad tires, we tried to drive it up a mountain, we caged it and thrashed it through the woods, and it survived. Barely.

For the final episode of /BORN A CAR, host and producer Ryan Symancek, his partner in crime Alex Jagger, and the rest of The Drive‘s ragtag crew take our formerly janky E30 on its toughest challenge yet. That is, the 15 hours of Barber Motorsports Park, a Chump Car endurance race. With a suspension setup re-tweaked for the Alabama racing circuit, the BMW must now perform like the would-be touring car it was born to be. 

This is where all of Ryan’s and Alex’s hard work and minor injuries will either pay off handsomely, come crashing down on them, or wind up somewhere in between. 

Will our hero make it to the finish line? Let’s find out.