Here’s What You’ll See What’s on /DRIVE on NBC Sports This Season

Another season, another series of bad (and good) ideas and questionable judgement.

byMike Spinelli|

Last season, we pitted turbocharging against natural aspiration, drove cars with the letter “R,” invented an autonomous-car “Nürburgring,” and tried to drive a 30-year-old, $3,000 German sports sedan up a mountain in Colorado. Another season, another seven hastily thought-out (but staunchly defended) ideas. That’s /DRIVE on NBC Sports.

Starting Thursday, October 19, 2017 on NBCSN (consult your local cable listings), hosts Matt Farah, Chris Harris, Alex Roy, and Mike Spinelli are back for Season Four, with six half-hour episodes and one hour special. We begged for our own time slot, and we got one. Actually two. Here’s when you can watch it.

Thursday, October 19

10:00 pm ET: What Makes Fast

10:30 pm ET: Miami Vices

Ford GT at VIR: What Makes Fast

, /DRIVE on NBC Sports

Episode 1: What Makes Fast

Hosts Matt Farah, Chris Harris, and Mike Spinelli examine some of the variables that make a fast car faster: lightness, aerodynamics, power, and driver skill. Cars featured include the Ariel Atom 3S, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Porsche 911 GT3, and the new Ford GT.

Episode 2: Miami Vices

Hosts Matt Farah, Chris Harris, and Mike Spinelli can’t agree on whether or not Miami is America’s Monaco, so they head to south Florida. While Matt searches for car culture, Mike and Chris try to capture the spirit of a 1980s cop show. Cars featured include the Lamborghini Countach QV 5000, Ferrari 512, Lamborghini Aventador, and a customized donk limousine.

Thursday, October 26

9:00 pm ET: Electrification

9:30 pm ET: Cheap Racing

ChumpCar VIR24: Cheap Racing

, /DRIVE on NBC Sports

Episode 3: Electrification

Which sports cars will lead us from the internal-combustion present to an all-electric future? Hosts Matt Farah, Alex Roy, and Mike Spinelli check out some of the quickest hybrid and all-electric vehicles around, including the Acura NSX and the 680-hp Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, and the insane Koenigsegg Regera and all-electric Rimac Concept One hypercars.

Episode 4: Cheap Racing

Last season hosts Matt Farah, Chris Harris, and Mike Spinelli tried to climb a Colorado mountain pass in a clapped-out 1988 BMW 325is. Now, after a few repairs and modifications to The Drive's "Born a Car" BMW, and some help from Sebring-winning driver Leh Keen, the three take on the ChumpCar VIR24. Can they finish a true, 24-hour endurance race in a 30-year-old car that has almost died trying to “do it all”?

Thursday, November 2

9:00 pm ET: Italy Returns

9:30 pm ET: National Parks

Stelvio Pass: Italy Returns

, /DRIVE on NBC Sports

Episode 5: Italy Returns

Why are Italian cars so… Italian? Hosts Matt Farah, Chris Harris, and Mike Spinelli travel to Europe’s thigh-high boot to take in the natural splendor of the Italian Alps, drink espresso, and drive some of the best Italian cars of the past and present -- and one new SUV. Cars featured include the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Alfa Romeo 750 Competizione, and Ferrari 812 Superfast.

Episode 6: National Parks

Hosts Matt Farah, Alex Roy, and Mike Spinelli choose their perfect Grand Touring cars to take on a road trip to visit three of the most epic U.S. National Parks in 48 hours. On the way, they track test the Audi TTRS, Lexus LC 500 and Aston Martin DB11 at a desert “country club for cars,” avoid rented RVs driven erratically in Utah, and stalk fighter jets in Death Valley.

Thursday, November 9

9:00 pm ET: Iceland Special (one hour)

Skógafoss: Iceland Special

, /DRIVE on NBC Sports

Episode 7: Iceland (one-hour special)

It's one of the hottest tourist destinations of 2017, so of course hosts Matt Farah, Chris Harris, and Mike Spinelli have to go there. Naturally, they ship a Ford Raptor and a McLaren 570 GT to the glacier- and volcano-rich island nation to check out some of the greatest roads in the world, both paved and unpaved. On the way Iceland reveals some of the most dramatic natural beauty and culture imaginable. It's an unforgettable road trip -- for a few too many reasons.