Here’s Why We Bought a $2,000 E30 BMW 325is

Can we take a clapped-out classic sports sedan from the 1980s and make it rally, race, and climb a mountain?

byMike Spinelli|

What if we took an old, cheap BMW, tweaked it a bit, and then made it do as many motorsports events, both on- and off-road, as we could without spending "real racecar" money? What if, indeed.

This week on AFTER/DRIVE, shot on location at Broken Motorsports, Ryan Symancek, host and producer of new miniseries on The/DRIVE, /BORN A CAR, talks about buying a $2,000 BMW. We also discuss plans to see if the rough-but-willing 1988 325is can be modified to compete in grassroots motorsports events. 

/BORN A CAR premieres on, Tuesday, March 21, 2017.