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Turning the $2,000 Crapcan BMW Into a Cheap Rally Car

In Episode Two of /BORN A CAR, Ryan finds out (the hard way) what it’ll take to turn the beat-up, $2,000 BMW 325is into a rally car.

byMike Spinelli|
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On Episode 2 of /BORN A CAR, Ryan tries to beat Spinelli's time around the Club Loose track at New Jersey's Raceway Park, and then the E30 car heads to Broken Motorsports to be stripped, caged and transformed into a budget rally car for its first event. That event is a stage rally.

You know those TV shows where a bunch of work has to get done on a project car in time for some made-up deadline, like an auction or concours judging, just to contrive some drama? This is just like that, only Ryan really does only have a few days to get the BMW raised up on Bilstein HD shocks and attach a skidplate, and ready for a guest appearance on, /DRIVE on NBC Sports. In that show, Matt Farah attempts to take the BMW up a jeep trail. 

But after that, the Colorado-tested BMW would have to do a rally, with Ryan and co-driver Alex Jagger at the helm. And for that, it would need a cage and other safety gear. A lot of work.

Yes, Ryan really did sleep at the shop, and no, he didn't shower for four days. 

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