Can You Really Play Doom Using Your Porsche?

Follow this simple three-step video to see if you can.

byBradley Brownell|
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We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but no you cannot run Doom in your Porsche. It might seem like common sense to most, but this video has duped at least a few people into believing it is possible, but careful viewing of the video here will show that this is a gag bit intended for comedy effect, and perhaps to troll a bit.

The premise is simple enough; running an old PC disc game in your brand new Porsche 911 Carrera cabriolet. YouTuber 'Vexal' claims that you can get your Porsche to boot the Porsche Communication Module (PCM) in safe mode by inserting a USB with a single file on it including your car's VIN. From there all you need to do is insert the disc and you're ready to go. From there the controls of the game are as follows.

Shift - Change Weapons

Steer Left - Move Left

Steer Right - Move Right

Accelerator - Move Forward

Horn - Fire Weapon

Even if this were possible, it is extremely inadvisable to drive so erratically as Vexal does in this video, haphazardly honking for no apparent reason. It makes for a funny visual, though. 

We do have to commend him on his comedic efforts here, however. The deadpan 'gamer' delivery to the camera is a masterclass, and the technical skills required to insert the visuals of the game onto the PCM screen in a video editing software are above and beyond. Thinking about the logistics here, he must have filmed the drive in the car first, then screencaptured himself playing Doom with the same "inputs" as he had used in the car earlier. Firing every time the horn honked, changing weapons every time the gears were shifted, and moving only where the car moved. Bravo. Well done. 

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