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This 2004 Porsche 911 Can Run Doom

People keep finding new devices on which to run Doom. One could say it's... eternal.
throwasysadm | Reddit

I’m not surprised in the least that someone figured out how to run Doom on a 996-generation Porsche 911. Everything can run Doom. It’s a meme at this point. I’ve seen calculators, hospital equipment, and ATMs running Doom. So a 2004 Porche 911 running the legendary first-person shooter isn’t surprising but it is awesome.

Redditor throwasysadm installed the first Doom game on his 996 911, which has a Porsche PCCM+ retrofit head unit. The PCCM+ is a touchscreen head unit designed by Porsche specifically for older models and brings all sorts of modern goodies to classic cars. It has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and, apparently, the capability to run one of the most iconic video games of all time.

According to throwasysadm, there’s a hidden debug menu in the PCCM+, from which you can access the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) launcher, and install Doom. It’s unclear how they control it but there seem to be some uncomfortable touchscreen controls on the screen. YouTuber Vexal once installed Doom on his 991-generation Porsche 911 Cabriolet and was able to control it with the steering wheel. But this is the first we’ve seen Doom run on an older Porsche, using the PCCM retrofit. It would be interesting to see if some sort of Bluetooth controller could be used instead.

Doom on a Porsche 911 (996)
byu/throwasysadm initrunsdoom

Video games are becoming oddly popular in cars. Tesla was the first to introduce the idea when it claimed the Model S and Model X could run The Witcher III from their infotainment screens in 2021. BMW also revealed a gaming function on the new 5 Series and i5. But running Doom is so much cooler. Not only does it add to the meme of running Doom on anything and everything but its ’90s style matches up with the 996-generation 911 so well.

For anyone with a PCCM-equipped Porsche, this is entirely doable for you. It should obviously only be played when the car is parked, with its engine off, but if done safely, playing Doom in a 996-gen is awesome.

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