There’s Finally a Factory-Built Porsche 911 Roof Tent

What’s better than escaping civilization for a while? Getting away from civilization in a Porsche.

byStef Schrader|
Porsche 911 with a roof tent


Every time I see a tent on top of a 911, I wonder, what am I doing with my life? Why am I inside? In my house? Not loafing somewhere atop my dream car? "Cool cars with roof tents" has been a running trend for the past few years, and turns out, Porsche must follow the same Instagram accounts that I do. For the first time, Porsche's Tequipment accessories arm is selling a roof tent that fits the Taycan, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, and 911. 

The new Porsche Tequipment two-person roof tent comes in a sleek hard case that was developed at Porsche's performance-oriented Weissach Development Center to be more aerodynamic than your average overlanding setup. The tent is meant for all-weather use, as it features water-resistant zips, light gray insulated quilted lining, a rain cover for entry, two side windows and a roof window. The soft tent walls are made of a breathable cotton blend, and the two side windows can unzip for good airflow through the tent while leaving the usual mosquito-thwarting see-through mesh in place. 


You might be surprised how much tent can fit atop a 911. Folded, it measures 4-feet-9.5-inches wide by 4-feet-7-inches long by 13-inches tall. The floor measures 6-feet-11-inches long and 4-feet-3-inches wide when the tent is folded out to use. Opening and closing should be a breeze as it includes two gas pressure shock absorbers to help pop up the hard case, and four poles to help keep it taut so it won't slam shut like my well-loved 944's hood does in the wind. The ladder is integrated into the tent, too, and folds out to stabilize the fully unfolded floor.  A high-density polyfoam mattress is integrated into the floor, which should make it comfy from the start.

The total weight is 123 pounds, and comes with a suggested 81-mph speed limit when it's installed. It can work with or without roof rails, as it's designed to fit on the roof transport system of the 911, Macan, Panamera, Taycan and Cayenne. Buyers can choose between two hard case color combos: black with dark gray and black with light gray. 

It's not a moment too soon, either. Instagrammers like Brock Keen of 996Roadtrip and Harrison Schoen of 957adventure have made camping out of a Porsche look cool to the masses, and Porsche shops like Kelly-Moss Road and Race have been showing off modified classic 911s with roof tents for years now. Porsche themselves recently opened up a Roof Tent Experience using roof tents from iKamper, where you can rent a new Taycan or 911 for road trips around Germany. I suspect they'll probably swap those out for the Tequipment versions soon. 

U.S. pricing and release dates are yet to be announced, but it will go on sale this November for €4,980 ($4,995 USD) in Europe. Porsche says they plan on releasing more accessories to go with the tent soon, including a heated blanket, inner tent, and an organizer for shoes and bags. 

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