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This Porsche 911 Safari Build Is Strong Enough to Hold an Entire GT3 Cup Race Car on Its Roof

The custom build by Kelly-Moss was built to carry camping equipment on its heavy-duty rack and cage system, but this is infinitely more impressive.

Kelly-Moss Road and Race, builders of various hardcore Porsches for the track and trail, have built a safari-style 911 named “Willy” for exploring gravel roads and America’s backwoods. Meant to be a high-performance overlander, the off-road sportscar is modified with a lengthy-list of custom parts including the absolutely essential roof-top tent for supreme car camping. While some may have been worried that the car’s roof isn’t strong enough to handle all the extra weight, Kelly-Moss took to Facebook to dispel these concerns, uploading a video of the matte-black P-car holding an entire Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car on its lid.

The car in the video is a 1983 911 3.2 Carrera that was purchased by Kelly-Moss in 2018. Its build page notes that every piece of the 911 was replaced or rebuilt with the specific goal of high-speed off-roading in mind. Enlarged wheel wells make room for the Fuchs rollers and all-terrain tires, thanks to five inches of sheet metal being removed for extra clearance. “Willy” also sports a custom stereo, Recaro leather seats, a 17-gallon fuel cell, and a built 3.4-liter engine pushing 340 horsepower through a custom gearbox.

Kelly-Moss says that its creation is able to handle this much weight because the roof rack has been mounted directly to a part of the roll cage, which itself extends into the front chassis for structural reinforcement.

Kelly-Moss Road and Race

The safari movement is nothing new but has gained momentum in recent years as popular personalities in the automotive world have sung the praises of big tires on little cars. Kelly-Moss has been particularly active on the scene, as the company’s project build page shows a whole rainbow of 911s, at least four of which have been given the safari treatment.

It’s worth noting that, even though the rack and 911 appear to hold up the GT3 Cup with no problem, we don’t actually see the vehicle travel anywhere under its own power. It’s still an impressive feat considering the car on top is a larger 911 that weighs 2,645 pounds, according to Porsche.

h/t: Motor1