Porsche Plans to Build Several 992-Generation 911 GT Variants: Report

A third, “lifestyle” category of 911 will also apparently be a thing soon.

byChris Tsui|
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For the 992-generation Porsche 911, the automaker apparently won't be holding back when it comes to limited-run GT and special edition models. Speaking to Evo, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said the rare, high-performance 911 variants (think GT3, GT3 RS, GT2 RS) would become more of an emphasis later in the 992's life cycle with the report going as far to say that they'd be "the focus of the 992 range."

Blume says a similar strategy employed near the end of the 991's life cycle boosted that car's sales significantly, logging more final-production-year sales than all of the 911's that came before it. The report says to expect "many exciting and unexpected" 992 models in the coming years. 

Late last month, leaked images showed what appeared to be an uncamouflaged 911 Turbo as well as a GT3 RS test mule. Mr. 911 boss August Achleitner previously stated that the next GT3 would remain naturally aspirated and keep the manual gearbox. 

In addition to the regular 911 range and the GT lineup, a third "lifestyle" segment of 911 will also apparently be a thing, said the Porsche CEO. The Age of the Influencer is upon us.

Lastly, Blume adds that even as the car world marches towards electrification and autonomy, the 992 will continue to use an internal combustion engine in some way, shape, or form, assuring Evo that Porsche's full EV's would be built on their own platforms. He also "sees no place" for full, so-called self-driving features in Porsche's rear-engined sports car. 

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