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2020 Porsche 911 Turbo Photos Leak From Inside Assembly Line: Report

An unofficial look at what is very likely the 992's luxurious, supercar-rivaling variant.

Leaked to Instagram is what appears to be Porsche’s upcoming 992-gen 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo. Posted by Porsche owner and enthusiast Todd Schleicher, the metallic gray Porsche you see here is unmistakably a 911. The quad exhausts, big vents both fore and aft of the rear wheels, and rear spoiler give it away as the new Turbo. Probably

Since Porsche has yet to reveal or even speak of the supercar-slaying 992 variant in any capacity, and knowing how persuasive Photoshop can be, let’s file this one under “probably real” for now.

Still sporting white protective film, the supposed 911 Turbo here appears to be on a Porsche assembly line right behind a 991-gen car. 

Expect the new Turbo to get all-wheel drive and a turbocharged flat-six engine possibly making over 600 horsepower. Historically, the car has been a wet weather-ready and relatively practical alternative to full-bore supercars. Like a Lamborghini that’s traded in its flashy exterior for a set of usable rear seats. Anticipate S, Cabriolet, and Cabriolet S models to be available as well offering more power, less roof, or both of those things, respectively.

Considering non-Turbo 911s are now, in fact, turbocharged, you’d be forgiven for assuming hybrid power to come to the big-T to give it an edge over its less expensive siblings. While we know electrification will come to the 992 eventually, we don’t see it doing so this early in the game.

Given how predictably good the white-bread 992 Carrera S is, we’ve got high hopes for the big, bad Turbo.