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Watch a 2019 Porsche GT3 RS Get Ripped Apart Just to Be Detailed

When a car needs to be cleaned, do you ascribe to the level of Posh Detailing?

Let’s face it, the world’s highways, byways, and alleys are just dirt-ridden passages splattering your new car’s perfectly pristine paint will all manner of filth. A simple wash and wax every few months, though, is good enough for most. Others, like Posh Detailing, view that formula as washing your hands without soap. Which is why the detailers nearly stripped a 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS to its frame to complete its latest deep-clean.

According to the video posted to YouTube, Posh Detailing says that the level of attention given to the Porsche is not the average one to two days spent washing, waxing, and ensuring the cars entrusted to the detailers are pristine. The process detailed here (get it?) involves removing much of the 911 GT3 RS’ exterior panels to not only do a deep clean, but also access parts not normally accessible to apply a thin protective film over.

As you’ll see in the videos, Posh Detailing removes the 911 GT3 RS’ wing, front and rear bumpers, headlights, taillights, underbody aero assembly, wheels and tires, fender liners, front and side intake scoops, portions of the car’s exhaust, hood, and whatever plastic pieces the detailers can remove from around the exterior of the car. 

Inside, the Porsche’s interior is stripped to a similar degree. The fixed-position seats are removed, door cards and their backings, door handles and their mechanisms, carpets, and all the minuscule plastic or carbon fiber trim pieces capable of being removed.

Once the 911 GT3 RS is disassembled, Posh Detailing begins the actual detailing process, which includes hand washing, polishing, and then very carefully applying the protective film over the exterior of the car, as well as select parts of the interior such as the carbon-backed fixed-position seats and in-dash infotainment screen. 

According to Posh Detailing, which thankfully condensed the entire process into a relatively short 15-minute video, the entire process actually takes over 150 hours to complete thanks to the level of disassembly shown here. This is a level of OCD cleanliness we’ve never seen, and we’ve watched every season of Monk. 

Point being, apart from getting to those nooks and crannies to apply the film, will this ever become your standard car wash regimen? Could you see yourself disassembling a car just to clean every opening? Sound off in the comments below if this is your style of washing or if you’d rather stick to the coin-operated gas station ones.