Someone Abandoned This Poor Porsche 911 GT2 RS Somewhere in Chile

Adopt a neglected and abused supercar this holiday season.

byJames Gilboy|
Porsche News photo

Neglected supercars are not new phenomena; with many parking lots in the Middle East known for housing plenty of eye-candy under thick coats of dust due to abandonment. But in less oil-rich parts of the world such as Chile, limited-production, six-figure supercars aren't quite as disposable and therefore rarely seen abandoned. That's one of the surprises about the Porsche 911 GT2 RS seen above.

Photographed by Instagram user camil0uzii, all we know of this rare one-of-1,000 Porsche is that it was equipped with the optional, weight-reducing Weissach package, and that it's parked somewhere in Chile in a tough-to-restore condition. Going by the damage to the bodywork, this car's current (or former) owner seemingly understeered the 691-horsepower 911 into something. We suspect they hopped a curb and smacked a guardrail or wall, which would explain the catastrophic front-right suspension damage and dents down the car's right side. It could almost be the car that collided with a Pagani Huayra BC during a track day, were it not for that car's impact being on the opposite side.

Given the lack of information, it's hard to judge whether this car can be brought back to life or if there's serious frame damage that could render the car completely useless. If the former, it would surely be an expensive restoration but most likely a worthwhile one. If the latter, we've recently seen YouTubers bring back cars from the ashes, so maybe this could be their next project.

Whatever the impact, it was evidently big enough to set off the airbag, meaning the driver might have been seriously injured, if not worse. Though grim, it could explain why nobody has come to claim this car, even if only to part it out. Those carbon fiber roll bars would be worth a pretty penny on eBay.

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