Want a Porsche 911 GT3 RS for $300? Buy This Lego Masterpiece.

And, get this: the PDK gearbox even shifts.

byBen Keeshin|
Want a Porsche 911 GT3 RS for $300? Buy This Lego Masterpiece.

Jigsaw puzzles come in levels of difficulty, ranging from 250-piece cakewalks to 2000-piece renderings of a single swath of blue sky. But forget 2D: the world's latest many-segmented brain-teaser is a Porsche 911 GT3 RS made from 2,700 legos. The retail price? A hearty $300. Though once you figure that a true GT3 RS costs $175,000—if you can even squeeze your name onto the wait list—and realize that this plastic juggernaut will take no less than a full, 8-hour workday to assemble, the sticker shock subsides. That works out to a mere $37.50 per hour of rapt plastic brick-laying; IMAX movies cost about $15/hour, and at the end of those you're not left with a 1:8 scale Porsche in Lava Orange—just light nausea.

In terms of size, this is no fiddly matchbox ride. A 1:8 scale means this Lego Porsche is 12.5 percent of the size of the real thing—9 inches wide, almost two feet long, and 6 inches tall. And despite having the appearance of a battle-worn Transformer, with panel gaps that would literally kill the Lexus quality-control team, this mini GT3 RS comes with many working parts. The flat-six has tiny pistons that actually move, as do the gears in the accurate PDK gearbox. (Limits on plastic's precision means it's limited to four ratios, though.) As in real life, the giant wing is adjustable. Jewelry-wise, the Lego GT3 RS comes with exposed radiators, mini-projector beam headlights, and a toy-sized take on the GT3 RS's famous 20-inch, deep-dish rollers. Yellow "calipers" are heinously adorable.