Porsche’s Exclusive Paint to Sample Program Now Offers More Than 160 Colors

Paint to Sample Plus options can cost more than $25,000 on 911 Turbo and GT models.

Choosing the color for your new Porsche is an important decision, one that’s sure to become more difficult given Porsche’s newest expansion of its Paint to Sample program. In addition to new colors being pre-approved for the popular customization program, Porsche is also bringing historic colors back to life, further expanding its catalog to more than 160 choices total.

Porsche essentially offers two different Paint to Sample programs; one that’s a bank of pre-approved colors that owners who are speccing their cars can choose from, and another one called Paint to Sample Plus. The former is readily available and can be chosen through Porsche dealerships, while the latter requires “extensive feasibility testing” on Porsche’s behalf and a wait of “up to 11 months in certain cases”—not to mention a steep price tag.

According to Porsche, more than 100 additional colors are now available for the 911 and 718 on top of the standard offerings. When it comes to the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne, there are “more than” 50 Paint to Sample hues, along with the standard metallic and non-metallic offerings. Taycan owners will be pleased to know they can choose from 65 Paint to Sample colors, so they should probably set aside a couple of hours to carefully examine the catalog ahead of ordering.


“Individualization is at the core of Porsche,” said Kjell Gruner, president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “Customers have been making special requests to personalize their cars since our earliest model, the 356. Paint to Sample is integral in satisfying that demand.”

Part of why Porsche is able to expand its two Paint to Sample programs has to do with a new color mixing bank that it claims went online earlier this year at the Zuffenhausen plant, where the 911, 718, and Taycan are built. According to the automaker, the capacity to produce Paint to Sample 911s will grow from just five cars per day to about 20 cars per day. The new equipment essentially allows Porsche to mix unique hues and paint cars without increasing the time required for the production of each vehicle. 

If you’re curious about pricing, Porsche claims that in addition to several no-cost, non-metallic colors for all of its vehicles, its additional-cost metallic colors range from $650 to $840 depending on the model. What Porsche refers to as “Special” color options range from $2,580 and $3,270, also depending on the model.


The next step up from that is the Paint to Sample catalog, where pricing is highly dependant on model and/or variant. Porsche claims most 911 and 718 models Paint to Sample options will set you back around $11,430, while the 718 GT, 911 Turbo, Turbo S, and 911 GT3 models cost $12,830.

Lastly, if you’re feeling extra fancy, Paint to Sample Plus commands $22,860 for most Porsche models, and $25,660 for 911 Turbo and GT models, including 718 GT models. As mentioned above, submitting your own color sample to Porsche involves a lengthy wait, of course, as the automaker needs enough time to research the feasibility of producing a one-off color. If for some reason the color does not pass Porsche’s extensive quality and feasibility tests, Porsche will absorb the cost of the feasibility study.

Porsche claims that the Paint to Sample color palette will be available on its online configurator, so that should make it extra fun to explore all the new hues.

Happy customizing.

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