Paint With All the Colors of NYIAS: The Most Colorful Cars of the 2018 New York Auto Show

Touring the technicolor dreams on display in New York this week.

It’s no secret that new cars today aren’t nearly as colorful as they were in the past. To walk onto a dealer lot 20 or 30 years ago was to stroll through a veritable artist’s palette of wild, vibrant hues spanning the entire visual spectrum. But times have changed; today, more than two-thirds of cars sold around the world are either black, white, or gray. So are we doomed to a future devoid of fun colors? A stroll around the floor at the New York International Auto Show suggests otherwise.

To be sure, color choices are still important and can make or break a model’s success. According to an annual survey conducted by automotive paint supplier PPG, 60 percent of consumers say a car’s color is a “major factor” in their decision to buy one. Carmakers recognize this, and still see fit to offer a host of specialized (and expensive) paint options to go along with the requisite 50 shades of gray that people continue to demand.

That’s why there’s still some hope for our technicolor dreams. One bright spot: PPG has found that blue is rising in popularity as a wide array of automakers have added specialized models and hues that get people excited. Take the Lexus LC500 and its much-hyped “Structural Blue” paint, which the company took 15 years to develop in its quest to make it as blue as possible. Seriously.

Or take a look at what we found in the halls of this week’s New York Auto Show, where nearly every manufacturer had at least one car or truck decked out in a crazy color that really caught our eye. Enjoy the gallery below, and remember: Not everything is black and white.