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Some of Porsche’s Best Colors Are Now Available As House Paint

If you've always wanted your bedroom walls to match your 911, you're in luck.

Porsche has always had great colors. Offering fantastic paint options is one of the ways Porsche has kept its designs fresh and exciting, despite remaining so familiar over the decades. And now, as part of its 75th anniversary, Porsche partnered with Backdrop, the Los Angeles-based paint and design company, to turn four of its most beloved colors into paint for your home.

One of the colors is quite possibly Porsche’s most iconic—Irish Green. Not only is it the perfect shade of green for a sports car but it debuted on the Porsche 356C in 1964 and then made its way to the first-generation 911, where it quickly became a fan-favorite. Interestingly, Irish Green is also the favorite color of Wolfgang Porsche—younger brother to Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who designed the 911. When Porsche built its one millionth 911 in 2017, it was painted in Irish Green.

Riviera Blue, which is my personal favorite Porsche color, is also one of the colors you can get. It’s famous for being one of the very limited color options on the 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera RS and it’s the perfect shade of blue for a 911. It’s a bit bright for wall paint but will certainly help liven up a room.

One of the colors you can buy is one that’s become even more popular recently, Ruby Star. It’s a vibrant magenta that was inspired by the Porsche 953 Paris-Dakar rally racer and it’s one of the brand’s most popular colors at the moment.

The last color is Speed Yellow, which is sure to brighten up a room. While Speed Yellow doesn’t have the history or fame as the other Porsche colors, it’s one of the brand’s best and most interesting.

I’m no interior designer, so I can’t tell you which type of room these colors would work best in or how to decorate the room that they do go in. It’s also pretty expensive for paint, at $75 per gallon. However, I can say that there may be a coat of Irish Green going up in my home office sometime in the near future.

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