Porsche’s Upgraded Configurator Will Let Some Customers Order Cars Online

An enhanced online configurator is making it easier to build, and even order, your dream Porsche without having to leave your house.

byJerry Perez|
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Porsche is making it easier for some customers to buy their dream machines thanks to a new online configurator that lets buyers place an order for it without having to set foot in a dealership first. New Porsche 911 GT3 RS, anyone? The new configurator allows prospective buyers to tinker with their build at their own pace from the comfort of their home, and continue the process all the way to the point of sale. This method is already available in Germany, but Porsche will soon be expanding it to 32 other markets in the coming weeks.

The enhanced configurator will feature more detailed and in-depth representations of the vehicle being specced, including nearly all options being visually shown in real-time. New additions to the configurator also include a wider variety of backgrounds, lighting, and various other settings that can help customers get a better idea of what the real, final product will look like.

Porsche claims a pilot for this has been running for some time now, while online car sales launched back in 2019 in Germany. Porsche vehicle searches are now available in 100 markets around the world, and soon 32 of them will enjoy the functionality of online ordering as well.

It's unclear if the United States will be one of those new markets. The statement from Porsche did not mention North America at all, though I've reached out to a Porsche U.S. spokesperson to confirm. This story will be updated once they reply.

Porsche mentions that each online "sale is then finalized at the Porsche Centre," meaning that it's not a 100% direct-to-consumer sales model. Alexander Pollich, chairman of Porsche's board, says: “Porsche will continue to focus on the dealers as the central point of contact for the customer and foster that personal contact with our brand.”

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