Porsche’s New Paint to Sample Configurator Is a Quick Way to Waste a Day

You can have any color you want, as long as it's... Actually, just pick whatever.
Porsche Cayman GT4 RS in paint-to-sample orange

Last November, Porsche declared it was expanding its Paint to Sample program, allowing customers to get pretty much any color they want on almost every model. As of now, Porsche’s online configurator reflects this and will let you preview your perfect Porsche in a greater variety of plumage.

The feature is available for almost all of Porsche’s lineup, excluding the 911, which Porsche says will get the feature “in the coming months.” This allows shoppers both sincere and window to test over 160 available colors on various Porsches, organizing them by color group and whether or not they’re metallic. It also highlights the extreme cost of the option, which starts at $11,430 and can cost more on higher-performing models.

Porsche Taycan in Paint to Sample mint

Contrary to its name, Paint to Sample itself is not a pick-a-color-any-color scheme; you can’t send in a swatch of your grandma’s curtains and expect Porsche to match to that. You’d be thinking of Paint to Sample Plus, which is available on all Porsches but the Cayenne, and isn’t simulated in the configurator (yet?). Starting at $22,860, you can have Porsche paint your car any color of your choosing, with Porsche handling testing to make sure the color stands up to real-world use. If at the end of the up to 11-month test process the color proves impossible, Porsche will take the hit, and you don’t have to pay.

In theory, then, you can pay Porsche to build you the candy-pink EV that Ford only ever made by accident. As rose gold is already an option on the Taycan, though, you don’t have to drop an extra five figures for a Pepto Bismol Porsche. Someone make that a donk, please.

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